FD_SET() has a hidden limit of 256 descriptors big-concurrency patch fix

So needed to reinstall the qmail port in freebsd including the big currency path for qmail, i ran in to the following error:

Oops. Your system’s FD_SET() has a hidden limit of 256 descriptors.
This means that the qmail daemons could crash if you set the run-time
concurrency higher than 125. So I’m going to insist that the concurrency
limit in conf-spawn be at most 125. Right now it’s 1000.
*** Error code 1

After a bit of googling i found if u edit: /usr/ports/mail/qmail/work/qmail-1.03/conf-cc and add -DFD_SETSIZE=2048 it will reinstall again.

Gr gr

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