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Qmail PLAIN SMTP Auth failure, after upgrade to FreeBSD 9/10x, vpopmail,

vpopmail[37658]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not found karen@:95.*.*.*

After upgrading certain shared servers to FreeBSD 10x i came to the follwing conclusion:

chmod ug+s /usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw

The servers needed that after i manually selected SMTP AUTH in the make config of the port:

Or the qmail user couldnt execute it right and created MASS CHAOS in the building where i worked at that moment. Ppl couldnt auth right with authenticated SMTP, vpopmail.


Gr gr: Thomas

Cacti not filling certain RRDTool db’s on FreeBSD


We reinstalled one of our nameservers with BSD 10.

Ive syced the RRA files over from RRDTool using the follwing command:
rsync -avz /usr/local/share/cacti/rra/
rsync -avz /local/directory

it kept on running on a high load if it ran the poller.php and cmd.php from cacti on it.

I coulda dig into it and maby? solve it, but we are running into like 400+ hosts and alotta dataqueries, so i knew spine is a cleaner and better way to poll hosts, so why not give it a try…

Ive gone to Console > Settings > Poller tab > And put it on Spine instead of cmd.php
It did not work instant, i had to edit the settings file /usr/local/etc/spine.conf and put in the MySQL database details

After this it filled 3/4 of the RRD database, but a few hosts kept showing there down, so i didnt get what was going on. After a while i discovered a chmod on the spine binairy was wrong.

So after a quick:
chmod a+s spine

On the binairy file it was sorted, and the 4 hosts that where showing there down where “up” and recovering again. Very wierd… still dont know why a few hosts needed this. These werent hosts that had any special plugins… lol

Hope this will help u on your quest to polled hosts,
gr gr Thomas

WordPress drama – wp-login.php

We experiece alot of occasions lately that ppl are trying to crack a wordpress “admin”  login. to post spam or something on a wordpress blog. Change the standard username / password if u wanna be safe and dont wanna have a hosting company complain at u. We have been experiencing a higher load then useual on our shared servers lately.

If someone wont respond then we take action and use one of the following samples:

Create a .htaccess file or edit it, and put in the following:

<Files wp-login.php>
AuthUserFile /home/vhosts/
AuthName “Private access”
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

Generate a .passwd file on the desired location:
htpasswd -c /home/vhosts/ username

I know, i havent done anything like that yet, i dont care till i will be spammed till a load of 10, and then ill see if i use this or use any of the following options on the WordPress FAQ

gr gr Thomas ;)