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500–Internal server error IIS PHP


Today i installed a Server 2008 machine and i installed IIS from server manager. And i added PHP from the ZIP as a cgi module.

Till here everything went well. Since the machine was just installed it missed C++ Visual 2005 package. All i got was server 500 error’s. To fix this, install this package

64bit machines:


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Xenserver Tools stuck on installation 6.1 Windows

The driver that causes it and is making the installer freeze:
Citrix Xen Windows x64 PV Drivers
Its not visible from Software in configuration screen.

Remove everything from Citrix from your server, reboot and execute the following in cmd with administration rights:
wmic product where name=’Citrix Xen Windows x64 PV Drivers’ call uninstall

Reboot and reinstall the tools again.

gr gr Thomas